True Humboldt Works
for you. No, really.

Our customers love us because of our sungrown products. Our partners love us because of our supportive service. Here’s what you can count on.

Telephone assistance

Call us Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm (PST) for questions or to place orders. If you call outside of business hours and leave a message, we’ll call you back during our regular business hours.

Simple Order Processing

We take orders via phone or email. Once you place an order, we’ll promptly provide you with order confirmation and a delivery date. All confirmed orders are delivered within our weekly delivery cycle. And to make sure you receive the order, we provide you with a delivery time two days in advance.

We stand by our product.

If you have any quality issues with our product, we’ll happily accept returns.

POS Materials

You’re familiar with our premium sungrown cannabis and all the things that make us stand out but sometimes your customers need a little education. That’s why we provide you with materials that help explain who we are, what we offer, and what we’re all about.

Branded Packaging

We provide high quality packaging at no extra cost both at the unit level and patient level, allowing bud tenders to place our medicine into branded bags that prove consumers have True Humboldt. We also provide branded packaging in two sizes (1-3.5 grams, and 7-14 grams), and offer premium, impermeable, branded containers for resale.

We’re serious about quality

Here’s why you can trust us. We have a stringent quality control process and a return policy to ensure your confidence in our medicine. Blind grading by experienced consumers ensures only A-grade cannabis is distributed under the True Humboldt label. We overweigh units by 10 grams to ensure there are no issues with duff, stems, or scale variability. We test every strain we offer only distributing medicine that is as safe for consumption as can be. Our testing from SC Labs includes: cannabinoid profile, microbial screening, terpene profile, and pesticide residue.

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