The more of us there are
the stronger we grow.

Legalization is coming soon and to grow your business, it’s time to start preparing it for the future.


The Humboldt Sun Growers Guild is a coalition of Humboldt County farmers that have joined together to support the brand True Humboldt. By uniting the farmers the guild can scale the brand to be competitive with large corporations without losing their independence. Each farmer cultivates cannabis under the sun with sustainable practices, maintaining the heritage of premium cannabis the region is world renowned for. The guild provides services to farmers including: bulk discounts on supplies, discount services with industry experts, strain testing, legal and professional resource referrals, and much more.

Join us and you can count on:

Wide market exposure for your product

Premium reimbursement and packaging

Deep bulk supply discounts with local retailers

Discounted testing rates

An informed path to incorporating your farm, getting permitted, and operating legally

Working with legal dispensaries and patients

For more information, call us at (707) 444-TRUE, or email us at