Our premium medicinal cannabis is sungrown and sustainable.

There are many important factors that contribute to the quality of True Humboldt cannabis. Start with the sun. There’s nothing more beneficial for plants than full-spectrum light. Not only does it enhance a complex terpene profile and increase THC levels, it’s also ecologically responsible.


It’s All Natural, Too.

The sun is critical. But we also place a premium on nutrient-rich soil, organic amendments, integrated natural pest management — plus the best genetics. We limit nutrients before harvest to enhance the pleasure of consumption. We only use clean, clear water before harvest to enhance the unique fragrance and taste of the flower. That’s why True Humboldt offers you something unlike anything else.

We Harvest at the Right Time.

We pay thorough and expert attention to optimal drying times, ideal curing conditions, as well as exacting and consistent trimming standards.

Hard Work is Hard

Everything we do is a labor of love. Which means it takes a lot of time and effort. We wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Because the easy way never produces anything exceptional.

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Are you a quality minded, community focused, sun grown cannabis farmer from the Humboldt region? Check us out, we built this for you.

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